Q: Are you allowed to film at this time?

A: The answer is yes. From Phase 1, we are allowed to film under the guidelines announced by IMDA and MTI. Stuck With You is a small production, with under 30 pax and no more than 15 pax on set at any given time which is in line with the safety guidelines listed here.

Q: How are you keeping the Contestants safe?
A: The contestants are considered Cast, so we will impose strict observance of rules
specified under the guidelines. They have all signed Health and Travel declarations and  been briefed on all the Safety guidelines including the 1 meter minimum safe distancing at all times. They will all be given their own rooms to stay in. They also take care of their own hair, makeup and wardrobe during the show. All cast and crew will have access to face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, hand wipes and cleaning equipment at all times. Casts are however, not required to wear face masks while shooting.

Q: What about them staying together? Is that safe?
A: It is very common for filming hours to stretch 10-12 hours a day. The fact that the
cast go back to sleep in their own rooms on a closed set, rather than take public
transport or move outside the set and be exposed to other people, is actually much
more contained and therefore safer. The cast have their own rooms and are living in 2 x 4-bedroom apartments which provides more than ample space.


Q: What about the crew’s safety?

A: The crew will be wearing gloves and masks while working on set and all our work
spaces have been marked out with safe distancing in mind. The control room and crew
areas are in a separate 4-bedroom apartment from the contestants, and several other
smaller 1-bedroom units all on the same floor.


Q: What other safety measures are taken?
A: We will have strict safety protocols on set and other measures include:
- Daily temperature checks will be conducted multiples times a day for all talent and

- Cast and crew will not be allowed to socialize or congregate during breaks and meal
times or outside the workplace.
- This will strictly be a closed set. No unauthorised and unannounced visitors
(including family and friends) will be allowed on set and in the production office,
both during or outside working hours.
- Daily cleaning and sanitising of all rooms, work stations and equipment will be
- We will monitor all cast and crew to ensure they observe personal hygienne,
including washing their hands and sanitizing frequently.
- All cast and crew are required to use the “SafeEntry” mobile app to check-in and
check-out of the set location.


Q: How are you going to manage to Livestream the show for 8 hours a day?
A: We will have several scheduled breaks in between and the daily schedule will be
posted the day before on what is coming up! Only the viewers know but the contestants
don’t know what is happening each day.


Q: What happens if you have technical difficulties?
A: If we have technical difficulties (and we hope we won’t!), we will cut to pre-recorded
content and fix the issue and be back online as soon as we can! As this is something
new, we will do our best but we hope for your understanding on this. StarHub is not a sponsor for the livestream connection in this show.



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