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Best known as a presenter in Singapore, Yumika has cemented her career in the entertainment industry with a presence online and offline, and has built a following of over 47,000 on social media. On-screen, she has presented for various networks such as Premier League, MTV Asia, Sony Television Networks and Diva Universal, covering sports, lifestyle, entertainment and more. 

Using her platform for positive change, Yumika empowers her audience by encouraging conscious living, sharing eco product reviews, creating travel content around eco tourism and promoting her eco brand "Peco Bag". Launched on Earth day in 2019, Yumika had a mission to challenge single use plastic bags by creating a better alternative. Peco Bags are reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles, that mix style, durability and convenience all into one bag!

Yumika (host)



Adli is a university student who currently holds a major in street style, and a minor in sassy comebacks.

This freelance graphic designer’s journey to self-confidence and self-expression, however, was not a smooth one. Bullied throughout his high school, he built on the jeers and the insults to become the loud and proud 23-year old that he is now.

Very candid and animated, he sure is not the type who’d think twice when giving a piece of his mind.



This 28-year old is your fashion-forward femme-fatale. Soleil is a fiery attention-seeker and an explosive extrovert, with enough quirks, humour, and flirtations to match her carefree style. Yet, beneath her tough, trendsetting exterior is a self-critical and sensitive lady that can sometimes take things a tad too personally. So, when trying to win her over, proceed with a care warning: try to look deeper than her shiny shell.


This cosmopolitan and comedic 24-year old scriptwriter is definitely a master of words. He is skilful in sweet-talking to get his own way, and, with the same expert stroke, can challenge other people’s opinions. Lucky for you, you wouldn’t have to guess if Lev is crazy about you. He’s quite direct and frank, and can show a bit of his awkward affections through jokes and pranks.


This 23-year old busy bee works as a freelance events host and communications coach. Equipped with an infectious smile and personality, her charms come in handy when inspiring and motivating
others. Yet, while Rae loves engaging with people, she may sometimes be a bit reserved and introspective.

Just try to be on her team, and get on with her goals, and you’ll turn out great.


A well-built physique topped by a pretty-boy face, you can say that the 26-year old model is a walking paradox.

But Luke’s contradictions certainly don’t end there. He can seem cheeky, playful, and spontaneous when found off-duty, but can get pretty driven, determined—even dead-set—when it comes to his career goals.

He refuses to stop, sit, or slow down, so it’s best not to get in the way of his success.


25-year old Alyssa brims with star potential; that triple threat of singing, hosting, and acting, all in a chic, compact package. But strip off the layers of her outgoing and talkative façade, and you'd find a
cagey personality that may have issues of opening up and becoming more intimate. She confesses to being a bit loud and overbearing when she doesn’t get her way, so there’s a chance that she’s hiding an inner drama queen.

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